Our history

New Life Foundation USA is working since 2010 in individual capacity by Mr. Roheel Dickson & Mrs. Roheel Dickson. Today NLF USA organization is officially registered in USA with a governing body, bearing all legal certifications as a nonprofit charity organization. NLF is established with the vision to save souls by helping them with Faith, Hope and love the way Lord taught us. We envision the restoration of marginalized communities through advocacy and awareness campaigns, by taking action for the protestation of human rights and values.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to save souls by helping them with Faith, Hope and love the way Lord taught us. We envision the restoration of marginalized communities through advocacy and awareness campaigns, by taking action for the protestation of human rights and values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality education, better living standard and health care facilities. Skills & literacy trainings /workshops, and working towards sustainable job creation, thereby reaching out and uplifting living standard of societies by generating energy and creativity.
To do actions with faith, Hope and Love by helping orphans and homeless through giving them shelter home and better education level. To help widows by providing them opportunities of empowerment and skill trainings. To help poor laborers working under Brick Klines by paying their debts and educating their children.

What we do

we are closely working with the partner organizations globally by funding their small, medium and large scale projects.
we deploy our representatives at country level to ensure that project funding is being utilized as per project activities

Mr. Roheel Dickson

Mr. Roheel Dickson

Founder & President

He has great passion and love for the less
fortunes. While sharing his testimony said that he was keen to get higher education but did not get opportunity, so this is his deep heart desire to give opportunities to less fortunes and get them education.
Mrs. Parveen Akhtar

Mrs. Parveen Akhtar


Mrs. Roheel Dickson is working with her husband shoulder to shoulder and carrying burden to share Gospel in the world. She is very active servant of God and went to many countries for preaching. By profession is qualified staff nurse and served the humanity for more than 10 years when God called her for ministry work and accepted the calling from God and offered herself for the mission work.
Mr. Nadeem Pervaiz

Mr. Nadeem Pervaiz

Country Head - Pakistan

He is passionate and productive leader with proven track record of 19-years National & International work experience in Semi Government, Private (Profit oriented) and NGO/Non Profit Organizations as Chief Financial Officer, Financial Trainer, Corporate Banker Trainer, Administrator, Sales and Business Development Manager, Human Resource Manager, Administrator, Sales/Business Development Manager.
Mr. Parvaz Akhtar

Mr. Parvaz Akhtar

General Secretary

Mr. Parvaz Akhtar is a born businessman having great passion for less fortune and needy people of God. He belongs to tycoon family of Pakistan doing businesses in different sectors.
He moved to USA in 1980 and established business there. He born in a Muslim family but he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior when he had encounter with Christ Lord. He has his wonderful testimony that how God dealt with him at the time of trails and temptations. God has called his servant and he accepted the calling. Now he is serving the people of God all over the world and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is writing his book and soon will be published by the grace of
Mrs. Yasmin Akhtar

Mrs. Yasmin Akhtar

Program Secretary

Mrs. Yasmin Akhtar is a very passionate and God fearful lady. God has blessed her with the leadership and business skills. She is helping her husband in business and also serving the people of God. She also belongs to a Muslim family but later accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior, when had encounter with HIM in a dream. God has blessed her with the gift of visions and dreams.
God is using her and now she is serving along with her husband the deserving and homeless people all over the world.